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    Thilina Aluthge , Level 2


    As an undergraduate who has learned integrated Management and IT for two years now, what sort of developments do you see in yourself as an individual?

    From the beginning, I was an IT person. I am a passionate developer. I was always working in front of my laptop and our department is where I learned the depth and importance of management. I see how the things I learned from the lecturers are shaping the personality patterns in me for the betterment.

    How do you manage your activities since you are a dedicated sports person?

    Sport is a part of my life. In the first two years of our life at the department, we as a batch had to organize and participate in different types of functions and events, which helped us to develop a lot of soft skills. Thus, I had to manage everything I was doing, including academics. Then I decided to maintain a timetable to manage the work I had, which was a bit difficult back then. However, now I see my progress with the time management skills that I have developed in me. I would like to say that it is a giant step I have taken to walk towards my goals. Moreover, the support and encouragement I am getting from my batchmates is immense. Adaptability, decision-making, and tolerance are a few lessons that I learned from sports. I make use of these to manage my activities effectively.

    Talking about technology, what sort of assistance are you getting from the department for your journey as a Game Developer at Ram Studio?

    (RAM Studios is an indie video game development company located in Sri Lanka that develops their own pc and mobile video game titles.)
    When talking about technology, I gained a lot of knowledge about new web technologies and developed my programming skills from DIM. Mostly, I practiced developing and connecting embedded systems with game development. These steps created new pathways in my game-developing journey.

    Apart from that, the managerial skills I gained from the department are significant. Now with the management knowledge I am receiving, I have become more of a people’s person. I am better at handling our clients at RAM Studio. Now I am capable of encouraging the newcomers at RAM Studio by giving motivational feedback where necessary. I am more than grateful for this set of soft skills that the department has given me.

    What would be your main objective going into your internship within a short period of time?

    In my opinion, there can be many things we could learn from new working environments. I am passionate about working in new settings with new people. As of now, the game development industry is not very famous in Sri Lanka. As far as I know, the opportunities we have as game developers are very few. Hence, during the short internship period I get, my main objective is to further develop my IT and management skills to become the best version of myself.

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