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    Zinthan Salahudeen, Level 3


    Can you brief us about the opportunities you gained through the Department of Industrial Management?

    Department of Industrial Management is our home away from home. As you know, we fondly call it the IM family, because there is a strong bond between all the undergraduates, the academic staff, and the non-academic staff. Our department is the perfect place for an undergraduate to develop their skills needed to face the challenges in the real world. It is a place full of a hustle mindset. The lecturers are always there to help and guide us in all our academic and extracurricular work. Moreover, the students never forget to help their fellow colleagues. Everyone tries to achieve the best by working as one whole team.
    The lifelong experiences, a network of people with great personalities whom I call my family, the growth mindset that constantly drives me forward are few out of many that I have got from being a part of this family.

    What are the key learnings you gained from being an active participant in several hackathons?

    Being a great team player, believing in your own uniqueness and your teams’ uniqueness, and standing strong in the face of adversity are few to mention. This is not just applicable for winning a hackathon but also applicable to all those challenges we face in our real lives.
    As we humans are social beings, in order to achieve greater things, we have to act together. Just like playing a team sport, by actively participating in hackathons, we got to know the unique talents of each of our team members, the importance of effective communication between us, and more importantly, the importance of working together to achieve a common goal.

    Since you are currently going through your internship, could you brief us about the change of environment from the University?

    The internship is the time period in which you experience a slight taste of how your life would be once you leave the university. At the university, what we do most of the time is learning the aspects required for our future careers. The feeling of responsibility upon us is minimal. Yet, during the internship, we become a part of an organization. The whole functionality of the organization depends on us. Therefore, the burden of responsibility is high. There are a lot of new things to learn, and we have to get adapted to the organization’s culture. Even so, that is the true purpose of the internship process. The experience we gain during our internship will definitely help us excel in our future endeavors.

    If you are given the chance, what would you have changed in your previous years as an undergraduate, which would have helped you within the corporate sector?

    The corporate sector is very demanding. Since the complexity of work done by each organization is increasing continuously, they expect graduates to be on par with the latest knowledge. The bar of expectation is rising continuously. In order to be competitive with other graduates, we have to be well studded with the latest knowledge.
    Therefore, if I had the chance to go back in time, I would definitely try to be more competent with the fundamentals because all the other knowledge is built on top of that. Being competent with the latest knowledge and trends will make you stand out in the crowd.
    Finally, I have to say that continuously challenging yourself to gain new knowledge and experience will be the perfect recipe to excel in the corporate sector and for the growth and success in your career.

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