365 X 4

365 x 4

    Sanduni Perera, Level 4


    As a high-flier undergraduate, how have the last four years formed your character to be the person you are today?

    There are lots of opportunities that the department has opened up for us to find ourselves. Grab the opportunities as much as you can to identify yourself and challenge yourself with new opportunities. During the first two years, we had lots of extracurricular work within the department, which enabled us to identify our hidden talents. I had never compered any events before, but I got the chance, and I continued it since then. Moreover, I have never tried to negotiate with people regarding sponsorships, but I was able to influence sponsors to make contributions. I came out of my comfort zone, took up new challenges, identified many new talents, and built upon them, but of course, I kept my studies as the first priority. In the end, we should be able to be proud of what we have achieved.

    How did you manage time while multitasking with all the activities and responsibilities over the past few years at the university?

    To be honest, I was not great at time management before, but with time, I learned from my mistakes and improved. The first thing would be to identify the tasks and activities you are going to do. It can be academics, sports, extracurricular, or anything. Write them down in the order of the date you are planning to finish or due. It is better to write tasks in a week or month. After finishing the tasks, tick them or cut them off. You will feel relaxed and be motivated. However, after writing down, if you feel that there are a lot of things to do, do not ever give up. Push yourself because you have to decide whether you are going to be an achiever or not. Do not do things for the sake of doing, do it with a purpose and a target.

    What influenced your decision to continue onto the 4th academic year after finishing your internship?

    I always kept my path open to opportunities. If one fails, I knew that I could take another. I have set targets for a few pathways that I could take. From the start of the degree, I planned to continue my degree for 4 years because of the targets I had set. I was determined to do it, even though there were ups and downs, and to achieve them, I decided to continue onto the 4th year. Moreover, there were lecturers and senior batch members that I looked up to as role models. I have seen and listened to their stories of how they became what they are today. I believed in myself that I would be able to take up the workload. Sometimes, I was not motivated. Yet, I was always determined and that always enabled me to find my motivation when I lost it.

    How have you built up the foundation so far to move onto a full-time professional career?

    Like I said before, I kept my path open and grabbed opportunities. I learned new things as much as I can in every opportunity I got. I got out of my comfort zone and challenged myself. I believed in myself, never gave up on my tasks, and was determined to finish them. I did two sports in university, played other sports for inter-university matches, held positions in clubs and societies, and of course, managed my studies as well. It was not an easy task, but I managed it with the help of friends, family, lecturers, and of course myself. In the end, I have achieved what I wanted, built the foundation for my career, enjoyed what I did, and had many good memories to take with me.

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