Ahmed Ifhaam

    The selection of the B.Sc. in MIT degree was a decision I made, hesitantly. Yet it ended up being the best decision I have ever made, educating me to take confident and correct decisions thereafter. As I pursued my career in IT, one thing I understood is that the knowledge we gain throughout the years would never be enough. Hence being adaptive and being able to work collaboratively would definitely help someone to strive forward. DIM has such a mechanism that cultivates these characteristics within everyone who steps inside it.

    Every MIT undergraduate is groomed for so many areas, so that everyone gets a chance to be a leader. The versatility of the MIT curriculum gives the foundation for many aspects that supports having the upper hand in the industry. Be it the panel of lecturers, the curriculum, the internal culture, or the students; all these make MIT a unique stamp; an incomparable code that indeed redefined me. On a concluding note, I would say that holding the B.Sc. in MIT degree would be the proudest achievement of my life.

    Software Engineer