Dinith Jayabodhi

    Chris Grosser once said, “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them”. This is the message that was carved into our minds by the 4-year stay at the wonderful DIM. This created an inbuilt desire for us to always search for new opportunities and the passion to capitalize on them.

    We had a very collaborative and supportive panel of lecturers who always went the extra mile to groom us better in terms of technical aspects and soft skills. The special focus given to the development of our soft skills was a key feature of the B.Sc. in MIT degree program and those skills certainly helped me to stand out from the rest in the corporate. Moreover, there were many events and functions where we got the first-hand experience regarding teamwork and collaboration.  In my opinion, the quest for new opportunities and the “never give up” attitude developed during the B.Sc. in MIT degree program were the pillars of my success.

    Affiliation – Dinith Jayabodhi

    Associate Software Engineer