Editor’s Note

    We all are here to experience our very own voyage. Being an undergraduate represents passing through a special passage within that exploration. It is occupied with unique experiences that mark a solid footprint in our character. The Department of Industrial Management adds its exclusive ingredients to make those footprints slightly more special. That is how the passing through this special passage becomes exceptional for us MITians. 

    On behalf of my team, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the academic staff and non-academic staff, colleagues, and alumni of the Department of Industrial Management for the immense support provided throughout this strenuous journey. I am grateful to all the previous teams of “Exposition”, all the partnering industry associates, eminent resource persons, and everyone who assisted us in the remarking of “Exposition” legacy.

    Exposition adds glory to its rise by taking another step forward. It is the initialization of ‘Exposition Entrepreneurial Community (EEC)’; a platform for entrepreneurs in different fields in Sri Lanka to discover and discuss new ideas. EEC integrates three main phases: The Online Community Forum, EEC Mobile Application, and Sri Lankan Entrepreneurial Database, with the objective of bringing forth valuable ideas and innovations of entrepreneurs to the industry.

    The Exposition Issue 16 is a story itself. Here it continues its expedition forward through the most uncertain times staying well above obstacles. It covers a wide range of topics bringing insights from various aspects to a common platform. It is a place where hidden talents are unfolded. It is a place where brilliant minds speak the unspoken. It is a place where aggregated effort is appreciated.

    Get ready to reawaken your mind with Exposition!

    P.D.R. Deshan