EEC – Exposition Entrepreneurial Community

    Exposition introduces a new segment on stage from this year onwards. It is the Exposition Entrepreneurial Community, a platform for entrepreneurs in different fields of the industry in Sri Lanka to discover and discuss new ideas.
    The main stakeholders of the Entrepreneurial Community will be entrepreneurs from different fields of the industry. Entrepreneurs are the innovators and risk-takers, and they are the sources of new ideas that can involve goods, services, or business procedures. They play a vital role in the economy by contributing their skills to bring forth valuable ideas and innovations to the industry.

    The EEC will consist of three main phases.

    • The Online Community Forum
    • EEC Mobile Application
    • Sri Lankan Entrepreneurial Database

    The Online Community Forum

    The online community links the entrepreneurs of the community while opening doors to exchange new ideas and knowledge among experts and enthusiasts in the entrepreneurial industry.
    The online community is a knowledge pool that facilitates all the entrepreneurship enthusiasts and the passionate entrepreneurs out there to expand their horizons by exchanging expertise within the community. Currently, this platform is operating as a Facebook group which consists of over 755 community members.
    This is the best platform to explore the new trends and to achieve the next best level of their business. It provides consultation via virtual brainstorming sessions conducted by the industrial experts who have already joined hands with our online platform.

    EEC Mobile Application

    Nowadays, SMEs and Entrepreneurship play a major role in the country’s economy. Thereby, addressing the issues they face in their journey is crucial. This mobile application is designed to bring together both new entrants and experts in the entrepreneurial industry. All of them can create profiles in this community and discuss their problems, share innovative solutions, and exchange new ideas to bring their businesses to the next best level. Moreover, this platform connects investors and organizations with innovators, showing paths of success to all the enthusiasts who are new to the world of business.

    SLEDB – Sri Lankan Entrepreneurial Database

    SLEDB is a knowledge base that consists of the information of SME sector entrepreneurs. It stores profiles of them, and our main objective is to create a linkage between material suppliers and SME sector entrepreneurs.
    Entrepreneurs can gather considerable knowledge on maintaining a business, managing resources, and the challenges of maintaining a business through EEC. There are entrepreneurs who do not have a notable IT or Management background. As MITians, we have recognized it as our responsibility to facilitate their requirements and assist them in becoming successful. We hope to build up partnerships with various organizations in order to facilitate the requirements of the SME sector entrepreneurs. In addition to that, entrepreneurs themselves get a chance to get to know each other and create a link between them.
    EEC will be a great opportunity for SME sector entrepreneurs to develop their businesses in the future.

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