Erandi Ganepola

    If I could sum up everything, I gained in four years at the DIM into one sentence, I would say I became a naturally inquisitive learner with the right set of attitudes. Through the Information Technology specialization, I garnered sufficient knowledge to navigate the highly evolving world of technology. Simultaneously, I was exposed to the management arena of the industry, which proved to be invaluable as I went further in the industry. DIM used a curriculum, balanced with academic and practical learning opportunities including industrial training to shape the students with these qualities. I am forever grateful to the lecturers of DIM for guiding and empowering me to excel in both professional and personal capacities. I entered the department as a person without a clear idea about where my future was heading, but left as an adult with a clear vision and a plan for future success. A university, as the name suggests, is a place not only for academics, but for honing your soft skills, connections, and life experiences. I could truly say that DIM has been all that and more for me over the years, and I would always be proud to say that I am an MITian. 


    Senior Software Engineer

    WSO2 Incorporation