How You Did It?

    The newest segment of Exposition 2020 – ‘How You Did It?’; an episodic session series that has the potential of setting parameters for the undergraduates on how to develop their skills and navigate their future.

    ‘Management or IT’ was a topic that helped undergraduates distinguish what the Management and IT sectors have to offer for them. In addition to that, the perks of combining the two streams were highlighted within the session.

    Facilitators: Mr. Bilal Hasan & Ms. Erandi Ganepola

    ‘Light up your way’ illustrated what sort of opportunities are available for undergraduates out there to develop their personalities. It also covered how a person should identify the existing opportunities and create opportunities for themselves to enlighten their future.

    Facilitator: Mr. Sandamal Ranatunga

    ‘Through the winning eyes’ was emphasized on a well-renowned personality; Mr. Mahela Jayawardene, the former Sri Lankan Test cricket captain. His leadership qualities, strategic mindset, and people management had major attention throughout the session. Moreover, time management and problem-solving were embedded among a range of topics discussed during the session.