Info Studio

    “Explore |Enrich| Empower”

    Info Studio is another significant initiative of the Industrial Management Science Students’ Association (IMSSA) of the Department of Industrial Management, which includes a series of valuable and informative sessions related to both management and IT sectors. The sessions are conducted by industry professionals, to improve the capabilities and broaden the insights of the undergraduates to face the corporate world.

    Taking a remarkable step forward in our journey towards fulfilling these objectives, this year we have launched the Info Studio official website ( to reach individuals with a thirst for IT and management based knowledge. Hence, the details of the sessions along with the session outcomes are kept up to date on the website.

    Owing to the pandemic situation in the country, most of the sessions were conducted online. The first session of the series for the year 2020 was conducted by Mr. Dimuthu Nilanka, Service Manager of ISM APAC. It was an introductory session on React.js, which was very informative and laid the foundation for further learning.
    Sometimes individuals struggle to create and maintain a captivating social media profile, especially on platforms such as LinkedIn. Hence, in the second session Ms. Thilini Fernando, a highly experienced Human Resource Professional with expertise in Human Resource Management focused and discussed about “Creating a compelling LinkedIn profile for a better career.”

    The third session was on one of the emerging technologies of the decade i.e. Blockchain. Mr. Madushanka Liyanage, Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Ireland conducted the session focusing on blockchain applications in the healthcare industry.

    A workshop on the Robotic Operating Systems conducted by Dr. Charika De Alwis, a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Industrial Management occurred as the fourth session for the year 2020. It was held in the department premises and allowed the participants to get a practical insight into the field and its applications.
    Mr. Sharmilan Somasundaram, Co-founder/CEO of NIFTRON conducted the fifth session as an introductory session to blockchain applications using STELLAR. Participants gained broader knowledge on the topic as it covered a vast area of blockchain applications.

    Due to the exponential growth and enhancements of technological trends across the globe, our mission is directed towards the development of the skills and knowledge of the individuals to face the impending challenges in the corporate sector. Each step taken in the right direction will allow Info Studio to dream about the successful completion of its mission in the future.

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