Isuru Yasantha Wickramarathne

    Being a graduate of Management and Information Technology offered me a brilliant opportunity to be a part of the vast IT industry. Being an undergraduate at the DIM persuaded me to be a successful individual in my career as well as my personal life. The IT industry is a place where we need passionate individuals who could collaboratively work to achieve a specific goal. Technical knowledge itself cannot survive in the IT industry, without having a balanced interpersonal skill set to achieve the best out of it. MIT filled the gap by connecting M to IT, and offered me exposure and experience with a strong base of technical knowledge while polishing my managerial and interpersonal skills to be the individual I am today. The combination of Management and IT is the essence that any IT professional must possess during their career path to be an outstanding performer in the industry, as well as to take part in healthy competition in order to serve the country.


    Associate Lead Systems Engineer – DevOps

    WSO2 Incorporation