Rameela Yaddehige

    Holding the dream of becoming an all-rounder, I stepped into the DIM where I heard, Management and IT blend together for MITians; which made me interested just from the feel of the diversity in the name itself. Although unexpected, through the warmth of family culture we were constantly encouraged by the lecturers and fellow MITians to become better in academics, soft skills, and extracurricular activities. I transformed myself from being a socially distant individual to a people’s person, mainly due to the experiences I had at the DIM, where we had numerous interactions to break out from our comfort zones.

    I always had the drive to become a technologist, but the experiences I had at DIM helped me to narrow down my career path in becoming a Technology-based Researcher. Being inspired by an “Introduction to IoT” session conducted at the DIM, I was always hungry to experiment with interesting technologies, looking at various problems, and engaging in competitions. Hence, I would say that I achieved my dream of becoming an all-rounder thanks to DIM where I was raised to be better in multiple skills. 

    Engineer-Technology (AI/ML)

    Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd.