Shilpa Gunawardana

    Joining the DIM in 2016 as an undergraduate was an exploration that I took with just the destination in my mind. Throughout the entire journey, I trusted the DIM to be the compass that led me to the correct direction while being 100% committed to giving my effort in the long run. Academics, with the excellent facilitation by our lecturers, and all the other extracurricular activities I did in the past 4 years have groomed me and most importantly strengthened me, to reach out slowly but steadily towards my goals. I always aimed at the bigger goals, but focused my attention towards smaller achievements on the way. Playing Hockey for 4 years, captaining the university team, participating in every competition I could attend, and working with corporates and several societies at the university level were some such experiences I have had in life. Eventually, at the end of 4 years, I had learnt one important lesson for life, i.e. to always take chances while trusting yourself and committing your best to every task that matters. It is a simple algorithm for success that was only applicable in the presence of magnificent guidance by the DIM, which will always be my pillar of strength; simply because, once you are an MITian, you always will be an MITian. 

     Affiliation – Supply Planner

    Foods and Refreshments at Unilever