Vishvajinee Senasinghe

    You meet your best self at the end of your comfort zone”. This is the foremost inspiration that was embedded in my life by DIM which always shadowed upon me to be the best version of mine. DIM changed the whole idea which was given to us about University education. Expect the unexpected, they said; moving far above from the typical university education system, DIM has been structured in a manner that allows its students to grow as expected by the leading corporates in many different industries. Having a mixed academic structure of both Management and Information Technology, DIM has opened more viable career opportunities to the students in the corporate sector.

    I believe, over the decades, the culture of the DIM has been set in a manner that enables the opportunity for its students to develop their soft skills, which are required to climb the corporate ladder while supporting them with academics of course. DIM is always keeping its students at par with the corporate requirements, by updating its curriculum with the feedback received from its alumni, which has always given immense help in obtaining a competitive advantage in the job market. I am proud to say that DIM has played the most vital part in my education which has helped me to be the person who I am today in the corporate sector.


    Assistant Manager – Production Planning & Control

    SENOK Tea (Pvt.) Ltd.