Wajeeshani Perera

    IM is a family that adds a lot of depth to your character, which strengthens your skillset and allows you to climb up greater heights in life. I must say that being well-equipped with both IT and Management knowledge is the key to many more opportunities that came in my way. My stay in this family allowed me not only to gain knowledge and skills, but it also developed me as a holistic person, improved my character and discipline. 

    Having both IT and Management knowledge allowed me to explore many opportunities and different job roles without any hassle, and to become the correct fit for any field within a shorter period of time. I am  really grateful to the IM family for what I am today and for all the guidance, knowledge, and care given to me throughout these years making me a mature, a versatile, and a holistic individual.

    Assistant Manager – HR Operations and Compliances

    Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd.